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Gum Grafting

Periodontal disease is very common in our culture. It affects the smiles and health of more than half of the adult population, and children are susceptible too. Fortunately, early stage gum disease can be reversed with professional treatment, and it is never too late to improve gum health. Dr. Azeem Sheikh utilizes modern treatment techniques to deliver comfortable, effective gum therapy for his Brampton, ON patients.

Do you have signs of gum disease?

Gum disease is caused by harmful oral pathogens. These bacteria form a sticky film of plaque to trap their food source – sugars and starches – and keep saliva from flushing them away. As they multiply (quickly) and eat, they generate acidic excretions that irritate gum tissue. When plaque is not removed with frequent brushing and flossing, and regular dental cleanings, it hardens into tartar at the gum line triggering further irritation. At this stage of gingivitis, you may notice:

  • Bleeding gums
  • Discoloration or blotchiness
  • Persistent bad breath
  • Odd taste

Without gingivitis treatment, gums pull away from teeth, exposing roots and forming periodontal pockets. Gum infection makes its way to ligaments and bone that hold teeth in position. As they deteriorate, teeth get loose and fall out (or you may have them extracted).

Goals of gum disease treatment in Brampton, ON

The hygiene team at Brampton Dental Arts follows a STM (Soft Tissue Management) program. While STM may provide swollen gums treatment and a gingivitis cure, the overarching objective is to resolve causes of inflammation. This allows the body’s natural healing processes to reduce pocket depth, re-establish seal of gums to teeth, halt progression of gum disease, and minimize risk of bacteria entering the bloodstream.

STM begins with a thorough cleaning. An ultrasonic scaler gently removes bacteria, plaque, and tartar from teeth. The hygienist then performs scaling and root planing, cleaning below the gum line and smoothing root surfaces. Periodontal pockets are irrigated with a warmed therapeutic formulation to hasten healing. The patient receives a motorized toothbrush and instructions for home use, as well as an antibacterial mouth rinse.

When a strong partnership is established between the dental team and patient, invasive flap surgery can often be avoided. Call 905-581-3726 to get started improving the condition of your gums at Brampton Dental Arts.

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