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Trust the results from your veneers to us … we live up to our name with stunning yet natural-looking outcomes!

With a name like Brampton Dental Arts, we know that you have high expectations for us when it comes to outcomes and results from our range of exceptional cosmetic dentistry procedures. Plus, porcelain veneers demand a high level of artistic talent and skill from the professional designing, preparing, and placing them. Fortunately, Dr. Azeem Sheikh has extensive expertise in advanced cosmetic and restorative dentistry services, which allow him to create tooth structures that are virtually identical to natural, healthy teeth in appearance and function.

Maybe they’re born with it? Or maybe it’s veneers! 

When it comes to many celebrities’ impeccable smiles, veneers are likely their biggest secret. These wafer-thin layers of dental porcelain have been perfectly sculpted to appear, feel, and hold up like natural tooth structures. Once prepared, they are applied and secured to the front surfaces of teeth that have been slightly reduced. Modern veneers have never been thinner, which means only a minimal amount of surface enamel is removed – about the thickness of a contact lens or fingernail. 

Both famous and not-so-famous faces have benefited rather dramatically from high-quality veneers. Good candidates for this popular cosmetic treatment may have excess spaces or gaps between their teeth. Or, they may have visible signs of wear and tear, such as chips, cracks, and jagged edges and contours. Additionally, teeth can become discolored and stained due to a variety of different sources. Not all types of discolouration and stains respond well to professional treatments. Certain shade-related concerns may be best addressed by covering them up with veneers. In Dr. Sheikh’s competent hands, veneers can even be used to create the appearance of straighter, aligned teeth, and to resize or reshape a worn-down or oddly-contoured tooth. 

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Your teeth should be otherwise healthy, and your gums should be disease-free. Also, if there are any risks to your veneers from behaviors like smoking or bruxism (teeth grinding), we will want to discuss those and work with you to get ahead of potential damage to your new tooth structure and improved teeth.

Generally, well-designed and precisely-placed veneers:

  • Are durable 
  • Last a long time (with the usual good hygiene)
  • Look like natural tooth enamel
  • Have a high degree of stain resistance
  • Present a good investment because they can last for years
  • Can be completed quickly, in just two visits 

Now, in lesser hands and with inferior materials, veneers can project too much. They may look too big for your smile and face. Or, they may be too white and look “fake” or plastic. You avoid these concerns entirely by partnering with a seasoned professional and “dental artist” like Dr. Sheikh. It’s still your one-of-a-kind smile, only improved. To schedule your consultation, phone Brampton Dental Arts at (905) 581-3726. We serve the oral health needs of our fellow neighbors in the GTA and Southern ON from our conveniently located office at Father Tobin and Torbram Roads.

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Dr. Azeem Sheikh - Brampton Dental Arts

Dr. Sheikh graduated from the University of Western Ontario in 2003, and has been practicing dentistry in the Greater Toronto Area for over 15 yrs. His main goal has been to focus on providing patients with all aspects of dental treatment, from basic dentistry (fillings, root canals, crowns), all the way to complex surgeries including wisdom tooth extractions, gum grafting and dental implants. Dr. Sheikh has placed over 4000 implants at a success rate of 99% and works with other dentists and denture clinics to provide various surgical procedures for their patients also! In addition to operating his practice, he is an international lecturer and Key Opinion Leader on Soft Tissue Management (non-surgical gum treatment program) for DenMat. He is also the Course Director for the HiOssen Master Implant Training Program, a program that trains dentists on how to perform implant surgeries on their own patients. He has also lectured for other large organizations including the Halton Peel Dental Association, Smiles First Academy and Straumann on varying topics including Implant Treatments and Case Presentation. Lastly, he is the founder of the Ontario Dental Implant Network (, featuring courses and Live Surgery mentorship to over 55 dentists across the Greater Toronto Area. If you are looking for a new dentist – look NO FURTHER!

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