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Save your Tooth with Dental Root Canal Treatment

Dental Root Canals Treatment in Brampton ON Area

There are a few phrases that strike fear in the hearts of people, like “root canal.” This procedure has the worst reputation in dentistry. In fact, many people often joke about how they’d rather “get a root canal” than do something they find unappealing. However, like many things, this perception is blown way out of proportion. However, while root canals are not an enjoyable experience by any stretch, they are also not as horrible as many make them out to be. As with many treatments, the quality of the practitioner plays a significant role in the patient’s overall comfort and … Continue reading

Dental Implants

Tooth Implant Service in Brampton ON Area

Are you missing one or more teeth? If so, you could benefit from a tooth implant service in Brampton, Ontario. At Brampton Dental Arts, we provide you with comprehensive dental care that includes dental implants. If you are looking for a professional dental implant service near me, learn more about our services below, and reach out to us to schedule an appointment.  What Is a Dental Implant? A dental implant is designed to replace one or more missing teeth. Perhaps you are missing a tooth that was knocked out in a traumatic accident, or maybe you had a tooth extracted … Continue reading

Fix Your Chips and Close Those Gaps With Cosmetic Dental Bonding

Cosmetic Dental Bonding in Brampton Ontario Area

Do you have gaps, chips, or cracks in your teeth? If so, you may benefit from cosmetic dental bonding in Brampton, Ontario. At Brampton Dental Arts, we are honoured to serve individuals and families in the local area.  What do you need to know about cosmetic dental bonding, and how can it help you improve your smile? What Is Cosmetic Dental Bonding? Cosmetic dental bonding is a straightforward procedure using tooth-coloured composite to enhance your smile. If you have gaps, cracks, and chips in your teeth, it can impact the appearance of your smile while also making it harder for … Continue reading

Reasons Why You Should Consider Veneers for a Perfect Smile

Cosmetic Veneers for Teeth in Brampton Area

Your smile can be a big part of your personality and confidence. It is the first thing people will notice about you. Even the slightest imperfection could have a blow on your sense of self-worth. Therefore, it is no surprise that the entire dentistry field is dedicated to giving you a better smile. Cosmetic dentistry procedures at Brampton Dental Arts, Brampton, can fix issues like crooked teeth, chipped teeth, and discoloration. Veneers are some of your best options when trying to perfect your smile. They are like the makeup you need to conceal imperfections. Here are a few reasons to … Continue reading

Beautiful Teeth Begin with Diligent Dental Hygiene Care

Oral Hygiene in Brampton Area

Many dental health problems can be avoided with good oral care. By establishing good oral care habits from the time you are small, you increase your chances of having beautiful, healthy teeth when you’re older. At Brampton Dental Arts, we offer quality dental hygiene services designed to protect and preserve tooth and gum health. When you combine professional dental services with good oral care habits at home, you can’t help but enjoy the benefits of stronger, healthier, more attractive teeth. Dental Care Habits Worth Cultivating for a Beautiful Smile Tooth health isn’t guaranteed. Poor oral care can lead to all … Continue reading

Can Receding Gums Be Treated and Reversed?

Gum Recession Treatments in Brampton Ontario Area

Unfortunately, receding gums are a common problem, and if not treated quickly, you could suffer permanent damage. Even if you can’t reverse gum damage, it can be treated. With receding gums, the risk of tooth decay, sensitivity, and tooth loss may increase. Contact Brampton Dental Arts in Brampton, Ontario, for gum recession treatments, including gum surgery. Most Common Causes of Receding Gums: Periodontal diseaseHard bristles on your toothbrushSmokingBad oral hygiene Receding Gum Treatment: What You Need to Know Often, receding gums are the result of periodontal disease. Unfortunately, there’s no way to reverse periodontal disease and regrow gums. However, gum … Continue reading

Are you a candidate for porcelain veneers?

Dentist for Porcelain Veneers in Brampton Ontario Area

In Brampton, Ontario, porcelain veneers are all the rave among those who want to improve their smiles. The veneer process, though very involved, often delivers the results individuals are looking for when they want to enhance the appearance of their smile. Are you a good candidate for porcelain veneers, though? Read on to determine if the procedure is right for your lifestyle. Do you value oral hygiene? Those with good oral hygiene practices serve to benefit from veneers the most. You must brush your teeth and floss at least two times per day after seeing a dentist for porcelain veneers … Continue reading

Why is Professional Teeth Whitening Better Than at Home Solutions?

Effective Teeth Whitening in Brampton Ontario Area

Are you worried about your smile? Even if you brush your teeth routinely and keep your appointments with your dentist, you may suffer from stained teeth. If that’s the problem, you might look into teeth whitening solutions. So then, what’s better? At-home teeth whitening or professional teeth whitening? Visit Brampton Dental Arts in Brampton, Ontario, to learn why professional teeth whitening is effective and is your best choice! It should come as no surprise that professional teeth whitening typically offers better results than at-home teeth whitening kits. More importantly, at-home teeth whitening kits could damage your teeth. On the other … Continue reading

Getting Your Child Started on Dental Hygiene and Oral Care

Children's Oral Care at Brampton Dental Arts in Brampton ON Area

You can help kids develop oral hygiene habits appropriately by starting them off with dental care from birth. If that sounds odd, it means you do the brushing until they can do it themselves. At Brampton Dental Arts of Brampton, Ontario, Dr. Azeem Sheikh recommends that you practice good dental care from the day of your child’s birth. Each time you feed your baby, use a clean, lint-free cloth to clean off your baby’s gums after their feed. They may not have teeth still, but they learn even as infants, so you teach them dental hygiene when you do this. … Continue reading

3 Ways Cosmetic Dental Bonding Improves Your Smile

Cosmetic Dental Bonding Treatment at Brampton Dental Arts in Brampton ON Area

Cosmetic dental bonding has many purposes and benefits. When you feel like your smile leaves a lot to be desired, you may want to talk to your dentist in Brampton, ON, about having a dental bonding treatment performed. In most cases, the work can be completed in one visit and only takes a few days to heal. The results are long-lasting and will give you a smile you will be glad to show off. The procedure is relatively painless, and you will notice results almost immediately. Corrects Minor Imperfections The cosmetic bonding procedure will take care of many different imperfections, … Continue reading

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