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As Ontario's leading dental implant network, our mission is to facilitate an open learning environment whereby as general dentists, we can share, learn and grow our implant practices together.

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Tell.Show.Do is a consulting and seminar service that is a practical and hands on approach to learning for all dentists run by Dr.Sheikh. The purpose of the seminar and consulting services is to be able to help execute real change in a dental practice by providing experienced, passionate, and energetic staff that will cover all the bases of running an incredible practice from start to finish.

Our incredibly knowledgeable staff can help you get to where you want to be without complications or expensive consultants.

"We can help INCREASE your production and GROW your practice in this highly competitive market."

Soft Tissue Management Seminars for Dentists

Soft Tissue Management™ Seminars for Dentists

STM® is:

  • An organized system for early detection, diagnosis, treatment and maintenance of periodontal disease, and for the early detection of oral cancer.
  • It is a non-surgical approach to diagnose, prevent, treat and manage the progression of early to moderate stages of periodontal disease in a general practice.

In essence, it is a program that provides a comprehensive and structured practice management system that allows dentists to effectively treat early to moderate periodontal disease. This results in a more productive practice providing a higher standard of care within the GP practice.

Dr. Sheikh is a national speaker for Soft Tissue Management® Continuing Education Seminars which are offered at different locations throughout the U.S. and Canada. These courses provide the science behind periodontal treatment and oral cancer screening within the practice through a structured system for the full dental team towards the path to a healthy practice.

Dr. Azeem Sheikh - The national speaker for Soft Tissue Management® Education Seminars

As the national speaker for Soft Tissue Management® Continuing Education Seminars, Dr.Sheikh provides dentists around the country with ways to effectively treat early to moderate periodontal disease.

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