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Your damaged tooth is like a blank canvas post-root canal therapy! Giving teeth a second chance, painlessly

Root Canal Procedure in Brampton ON Area

The roots of the teeth serve many essential functions; notably, they help to support healthy chewing and speech function by providing utmost stability to the rest of the tooth. They hold the tooth in place or “root” it in the jawbone. These structural components, however, are susceptible to potential damage in the form of cracks, large cavities, severe decay, and trauma or injury.  Fortunately, Dr. Azeem Sheikh of Brampton Dental Arts can treat the canals inside these roots to protect the affected tooth and surrounding tissues from further complications. In doing so, the root canal procedure helps patients from across Southern Ontario … Continue reading

Save your Tooth with Dental Root Canal Treatment

Dental Root Canals Treatment in Brampton ON Area

There are a few phrases that strike fear in the hearts of people, like “root canal.” This procedure has the worst reputation in dentistry. In fact, many people often joke about how they’d rather “get a root canal” than do something they find unappealing. However, like many things, this perception is blown way out of proportion. However, while root canals are not an enjoyable experience by any stretch, they are also not as horrible as many make them out to be. As with many treatments, the quality of the practitioner plays a significant role in the patient’s overall comfort and … Continue reading

Looking for Endodontic Dental Service around Brampton, ON?

Endodontic Dental Service in Brampton ON Area

Deep cavities or trauma can lead to infections, affecting your root canal nerves and pulp. If left untreated, the pulp of your tooth may become inflamed, leading to a tooth abscess. If your tooth pulp is compromised, you should consider endodontic dental services in Brampton, ON, to save you from pain and discomfort. What is endodontic treatment? In most cases, people refer to endodontic treatment as root canal therapy since it’s the most common procedure in the field. An endodontic treatment saves the day when your pulp becomes infected by bacteria. The procedure aims to remove any traces of infection … Continue reading

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