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How we stop progressive gum disease in its tracks; restore a healthy and balanced gum line

Getting Rid of Gum Infection in Brampton ON Area

There are many opportunities for Brampton Dental Arts to “catch” and intervene with progressive gum disease. Additionally, Dr. Azeem Sheikh has considerable expertise in providing a wide range of periodontal (gum) therapies in-house. Dr. Sheikh of Brampton, Ontario, is as adept at resolving and reversing the effects of early-stage inflammation or gingivitis as he is at getting rid of the infection that characterizes advanced periodontitis. Staying ahead of gum disease The gums surround and protect the teeth. They should generally be pink-red and firm. They do not feel tender when touched or bleed when a toothbrush or floss comes in contact with them. As disease takes hold, the … Continue reading

Can Receding Gums Be Treated and Reversed?

Gum Recession Treatments in Brampton Ontario Area

Unfortunately, receding gums are a common problem, and if not treated quickly, you could suffer permanent damage. Even if you can’t reverse gum damage, it can be treated. With receding gums, the risk of tooth decay, sensitivity, and tooth loss may increase. Contact Brampton Dental Arts in Brampton, Ontario, for gum recession treatments, including gum surgery. Most Common Causes of Receding Gums: Periodontal diseaseHard bristles on your toothbrushSmokingBad oral hygiene Receding Gum Treatment: What You Need to Know Often, receding gums are the result of periodontal disease. Unfortunately, there’s no way to reverse periodontal disease and regrow gums. However, gum … Continue reading

Patients in Brampton, ON ask, “What is gum grafting surgery?”

Gum grafting surgery in Brampton ON area

Gums are a vital component of the mouth; they play a role in supporting the teeth and an active role in protecting the mouth against infection. When gum disease goes untreated, the gum tissue may begin to recede, meaning it pulls away from the teeth, exposing more of the tooth and the tooth’s root. When this occurs, gum grafting surgery is needed to repair the damage. Below, Dr. Sheikh of Brampton Dental Arts explains gum grafting surgery and its role in restoring oral health. What causes gum recession? Most gum recession is linked to gum disease, which is most frequently … Continue reading

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