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Zoom Teeth Whitening

Teeth bleaching has become very popular, and for good reason. It is one of the easiest, most affordable cosmetic dentistry services available, with undeniably attractive results. However, with so many teeth whitening techniques advertised, you may be left wondering which is right for you. At Brampton Dental Arts in Brampton, ON, you can count on sound advice on effective teeth whitening treatment.

Is teeth whitening safe?

That is an excellent question. The short answer is yes, in the hands of an ethical teeth whitening dentist. Dr. Azeem Sheikh will not recommend the best way to whiten teeth until he has performed a thorough oral examination. It is important that decay, gum disease, and other dental issues be properly addressed before whitening.

Professional whitening in the care of a trained dental team minimizes risk of injury to soft tissues from improper application, and enamel damage or sensitivity due to strength or over-use of the chemical agent.

Brampton, ON patients don’t wait long for teeth whitening results

Dr. Sheikh is often asked, “what is the most effective teeth whitening method?” At Brampton Dental Arts, every patient receives individualized treatment. However, for busy people who what brighter teeth quickly, he recommends the Zoom! in-office system.

Tooth color is lightened noticeably, in a few easy steps that take only about an hour:

  • Sink back into the comfortable treatment chair while a protective isolation material is applied to lips and gums.
  • Your eyes are also shielded with dark glasses.
  • Zoom! whitening gel is applied to teeth.
  • Whitening is activated with a light source. It speeds the process of breaking up staining pigments and lifting them out of pores in enamel.
  • The 15-minute procedure is repeated three times.
  • Then you rinse and enjoy your dazzling smile.

Although this technique is fast, it causes minimal sensitivity. With conscientious home oral hygiene and using a straw to drink dark beverages, results are long-lasting. However, Zoom! whitening can be repeated to keep your smile sparkling.

Retail and drug stores have aisles of strips, gels, toothpastes, mouth rinses, and gums intended to whiten teeth. If you want professional results, though, call a professional – Dr. Sheikh at Brampton Dental Arts – 905-581-3726.

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